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Good Old Nebraska

On Friday Jacob, Kristen, and I watched the subbed version of the 4th episode of DD-boys and were inspired to eat a shitload of food...so we went to Valentino's Buffet. XD
It was a really great experience.
After we went to Holmes lake and took scene picz.
That was fun. Ahhh good times

We're the coolest people in Valentino's Buffet. Shh
^ LOL GET IT? GET IT? I bet Court/Lana does

Today I went to the state fair with my mom and Steve. 
Basically our mission from the start was for Steve to get a hunting permit and to eat a buttload of fried foods on a stick.
Oh Nebraska...How I love you and your stereotypical State Fair.
But really I love this state.
OMG we saw these REALLY big horses. They were bigger than Steve! 
And then there were some tiny ones!! SOOO CUTE
and there were Llamas which was awesome.
We also watch a Cat Show.
It was interesting XD
I ate so much today.
Now you all with know how fat I am.

1. Frozen Lemonade; It was delicious.

2. Corn Dog; Good stuff. LOL at the ketchup slathered on.

3. Cheese on a Stick; It sounds nasty doesn't it? I thought so, but it tasted good *shrug*

4. Gyro and Grated Taters; GOOD STUFF! I love Greek food.

5. Chicken on a Stick; OMG OMG SO SWEET AND GOOD!!!!

6. My personal favorite: Pizza on a sick; Oh my lord. That was really good and ridiculous! It was so cheesy and good.

7. Pineapple Whip; aka my true love. Its pineapple juice frozen and its deriiiiiiiiiiciousssssss! 

There was also cheeseburger on a stick, fried twinkie on a stick (ew), and fried peach on a stick.
I, unfortunately, did not try these. Sorry.

But there was a guy herding geese. AWESOME

After this I went home and took a nap.
Later I ate ramen noodles and 2 pieces of chocolate cake.
I hate life.


Aug. 25th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)

You are cute.
Nebraska sucks.
Your family is cool.
Let me in it.
Aug. 25th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
You ARE in my family.
we should go to the fair AGAIN
and ride the rides lawl and puke