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Anata wa doushite Romeo na no??

LOL at me finally figuring out how to do the LJ cut

I love Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise.
How can you you NOT love something with "Ikemen Paradise" in it?

And also school.

And also what I'd say to my boiz if I met them.

I love Hanakimi
It's so gay. GAYYY!!
I love it i love it i love it.
I love Toma

SEEE?! He's a nice boy!!
This show is awesome. Period.
First of all, its never boring. I'm always laughing. Really loud and obnoxiously too. Like with the SexyBack video 
I wish I could have short cute hair like Mizuki and go to an all boys school.
But that would never happen 
A) My spot on my head :(
B) In Japan it works. America; No way. A lot of most of the boys in Japan are really girly, therefore a really girly looking girl mixing in with boys is no problem. In the US boys look like boys and girls like girls. It just wouldn't work. Which makes me sad.
Also this show is just cute. It makes me want to die. And I wanna live in a dorm like that WHY?!?!?
I want to have a gay nurse guy too!!! I should just reinact this whole show because I like everything about it.

Look at all the Ikemen
Find the girl time LOL

Oh yeah shirota's still gay.

OMG SCHOOL! I'm sooo excited. I can't wait for Japanese class. Kristen, Courtney, Lana, and I and Grace are going to raise hell.
Its going to be EPIC AND AWESOME.


I would punch him and tell him to get lip-osuction..for his lips.
LOL I wouldn't feel bad about it either. But I would
I'd also tell him that he should stop trying to make everyone think that he's a guy.
He's a girl. Lying is bad Nishi.
But then I'd go home and watch him say "Chu suru~" and fall in love again.


He gets a big one because he's fricking beautiful
I would say "Shin I'm really concerned about your lack of fingers."
And he would then say "uh...hmmm..i'm....I lobe you!"
and then I'd say "You love me? I love you too!"
and then we'd both say "yaay!!"
But I would say that. And Tell him how much I love DeliGaku and Kendama and his voice and tell him how much I love his tiny hands and how he's tiny.

OMG remember when he's in that musical with GekiYellow. LOL FOR YEARZ 


^^ I had to use this. HE'S FLYING!
I'd ask him to say "Everyday" and "Sunshine desu!"
And then I'd hug him from him being cute and say "daisuki~~"
Then Naoya would shoot me and I would love it.


I would tell him that he looks like a kitty and I want to take him home in my purse.
I'd ask him to meow.
And then I'd tell him that he's a pimp.


I'd tell him to go for his dreamz.
I'd ask him to do my hair like his.
I'd give him a high five.
I'd PLEAD him to inhale helium. PLEAD


I'd tell her she was my favorite girl and that she's cute and to give me her wardrobe.
I'd tell her that her voice is better.

MISAAAKOO!!! MISAKO!!! (I hate Nishi)

^What comes up when you google her name LOL.
I'd probably ignore her....
Or give her some of my extra fat.
MUAHAHAHAAH. I'd make her super fat.
She'd no longer be a skinny bitch.

I guess this turned in to AAA meetings. I'll do other people sometime.

Oh look its Nagayan and Nishi!




Jul. 11th, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)
you are my sunshine. My only sunshine.