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OMG I'm so freaking exhausted!
Jeex. Anyway
NORTH DAKOTA was really fun. My family is so cool. I love them. I hung out with Dana (my cousin) most of the time. We did SUM CRAY-Z SHET. But not really. I should show you some pictures later. Maybe. But we had a lot of fun. 
Camping in South Dakota/Nebraska.
Dude. It was fun, but sooo gross! So many bugs and ICK! The first night we slept in a teepee and it was cool, but it was raining and it leaked a lot! But eventually the rain stopped and all was well. The second night was fine i guess. I couldn't sleep either nights. Canoeing was reaaaally fun! I have some small battle wounds from cousin Blake and Cousin Ben tipping the canoe I was in. I got pretty sunburnt on my back, face, and thighs <-LOL. And ugh...so many bugs. Camping really isn't for me >.>
I'm soooooo happy to be home! I haven't even seen any of my friends yet!!!!!

We're going camping IN OUR NEW CAMPER on my mom's birthday, or the day that The Dark Knight comes out, which I AM TOTALLY STOKKED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT my mom is going to let me go to the movie and wait for me! BLESS HER HEART!!

AND lol at seeing Gavin and Noemi at the orthodontist.
I MIGHT get my braces off 2 days before my birthday!!! ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!@?!?!
I'm sooooooo excited!


I LOVE IT! I freaked out when I came home and heard "Jordan! You've got mail!". I ran into the kitchen and saw Steve holding the package. He wouldn't give it to me at first. D: WHAT A JERK!!!?!?!?!?

LOL The nerd I am I video recorded myself opening it. XD I opened it VERY carefully. It had 2 CD cases, one for the CD and the other for the DVD. I immediately put the CD in. I listened to it straight through like 50 times. 
I looked at the cover booklet thing too. They had all the lyrics and THEN pics of all the guys. They are tres hot.

A full song of Shin. Cheetah-chan. I died. His voice is so sooooothing and AWESOME! 
And he says "Still, I'm in love". Me too Shin. Me too 
^That part is sooooooooo cute. ^-^
I love Shin. That's about it.

And BET. I've already listened to this a billion times. BUT IT GETS BETTER EVER SINGLE TIME!! *cough*
I now I can say I have...not downloaded it XD
Shin is awesome in this too!
Along with everyone else. Really. I love this song for everyone in it!

How can you NOT like it. I love it. its...hardcore. 

Akireru kurai wagamama..... yeah
I'm not gonna lie. I haven't listened to this much. BUT Nishi has an amazing VOICE!! OMG. It kills me inside. Along with Naoya. His voice is so great and JUST UUHH! I love it. And this song is basically Backstreet Boys in Japan. WHICH IS AWESOME. >.< [I think it has most to do witht the "just once"]

Hasta la Vista
This song is so upbeat...well not that but....... I could work out to it [If i ever do that >.>]. Its a real nice song :D

I REALLY didn't have time to watch the DVD yesturday. *cries* :(
I had a cello lesson and I have a class today, so I had to sleep.
BUT I will edit this. 
And blog the flip out of it.

OMG the new chapter of Naruto 405. :( It reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. JIRAIYA-SAAMMMMAAA!!!!!
Omg i LOVE Kisuke and this arch. At first I was like, "wtf? lame-o!" But then there was tiny Byakuya and Gin and BLEHH! Its awesome.

The Mako

I'm totally dead. The coolest girl from Hello! Project,  the most under-appreciated, the comic genius, Pi-pi-pi Ogawa Makoto is back!!
She's just about as cool as Yoshizawa Hitomi (see previous post about her XD)
She's making an appearence in Haromoni!!!!!!! Which I never watch, BUT NOW WILL!!
I love her so much and I'm soo happy to hear about her again!!!

No one probably cares, but I don't care...because I CARE ABOUT IT!
Pic spam of her, you ask? I think so!

 <--...if you ever see me make a face like this...and say Hotaru...*cough* now you know

I love her.


I am definately now ready to die. With 5th attack and now this.


So I bought the CHOICE IS YOURS AAA boy's DVD and CD..thing. Wow. It's the biggest thing I've ever bought.....at least over the internet. WOOT WOOT! Hopefully my collection will grow!

I'm also in the process of watching 2nd Anniversary 5th ATTACK. Frickin awesome concert I TELL YOU. Its so great...so filled with cute Cheetah ~dies in heaven~

Why is he so cute?

Anyway! Summer is heeeeere!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOO HAPPY! I can't express it. Now I can do anything. NO SCHOOL AND NO WAKING UP EARLY!

Wow. Good Times.

Prince Caspian

Wow that movie was...amazing. I mean Edmund rules. He's not the bitchy one anymore!! YAY! I CAN JUST LOVE HIM! But seriously! Look at this boy's face. He's too cute.

Anyway. Great, great,great,great,great movie. I loved it. Really. Besides some stuff...
The fighting was awesome. Edmund kicks ass. May I mention that he happens to be the coolest person in this movie? Even Though William/Peter is really cuuuute and hardcore. He's such a great person. And the part where he was like crying about leaving his troops behind was sad. But he's all mooody in this. And at the beginning was in a fight?! But really. 
The centaurs and fauns and all that were so... real looking. I really wish they would've elaborated on the Driads because they are like the coolest creatures in Narnia. I was a little disappointed in them. Trumpkin was really kawaii~~~ And so was Trufflehunter. I was really happy with the appearances of the characters.
I was kind of sad that they changed the story around, but its a movie from a book. THEY NEVER DO IT EXACTLY TO THE BOOK. Which really, truly sucks. But Caspian and Peter rivals? I don't think so. And Caspian blowing the horn when with Trumpkin for the first time. NO.
And now for the huge, big, large, let down of the movie. This sincereiously ruined it. Susan and Caspian. I was soooooo pissed. Anyone and Caspian. ANYONE, BUT SUSAN. Caspian is awesome. Susan is a fucking bitch. I hate it. It was so pointless because it would've never worked and it would've been better to leave it out. I mean NO ONE LIKES SUSAN. She's always the one to be like "GUYZ GUYZ NO. UR WRONG." But she's the one that is always wrong. I knew they were going to do this from the first time Caspian and her did that stupid teenage look of romance. I hate it. 
I really wanted to see Susan be DENIED by Aslan. That'd be good. 

NOW let's talk about Edmund more. Skandar Keynes is soooooooo cuuuuuute. ilovehimilovehim. He makes such a great Edmund. Did you see him be a BAD ASS MUTHA FUCKA and save Peter's ass. I love that kid. Really. He was a stupidhole in LWW, but then he turns around and is awesome and realizes that Lucy is ALWAYS right. He's like "I've been wrong before...". Its great. AND can you say I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. First of all, without Edmund that would be a great book, but with him its pure love. 

Why he's awesome
1. He plays the cello. :D
2. He makes a great Edmund.
3. He's kawaii.
4. His character gonna be in more movies than Susan :P (BTW Anna Popplewell rules. I'm NOT bashing her. It's Susan.)
5. His voice got low in LWW so his sister had to voice over. XD
6. He's like a year or two older than me. We're gonna marry, mk?
7. He's tall :D
8. His birthday is 20 days before mine.
9.  haha he likes Scrubs XD
10. Shampoo: Citrus Shine <--No comment
11. Remember when I bought turkish delight in England??! I do.
12. He likes gore.
13. He grows like a tree.
14. - Was banned from eating sugar products on set during the filming of LWW due to hyperactive tendencies. <--again, no comment
15. He goes to school with Daniel Radcliffe.
16. 'I prefer my character over all the others. I really think I have the best character. Of course, he's a lot like me. He is the tyrant of the family, which I am, and, yep, he succumbs to temptation very easily. Edmund is the black sheep of the family, always teasing Lucy. But, in the end, Narnia makes him good. He goes through the most radical change, starts to appreciate his family. The adventure really changes him into a better person.''
^ He knows his character rules.
17. Oh yeah and remember how he died in the first one and how he's cute. Ya. I thought so.

After school, I was hanging out with these girls and there's one I've never seen before. So she runs up to me and tells me I'm in Teen Vogue. And I'm like, «Yeah, that's me.» I'm thinking, this is the way to live. And she goes, «So you must know Will.» ''
^^ I'd be talking about you :[[


Actually not really. the upload thing is being dumb.

OH AND Best part of today:
Kristen and I being totally antisocial and watching DeliGaku most of the time on the way to and back from World's of Fun

No music, no life?

Watched Ken-freaking-dama. FREAKING LOVED IT. I'll talk about it in a sec...but first...ITS SPEED RACER TIME!!

Dude that movie was awesome. I loved it. It made me so giddy...and energetic, my friends Logan and Courtney were about ready to punch me or something. <.<
GOD! It was so cool and the whole wrap around shots and effects were sooo rad. Its like a super trippy movie for kids. It's better than sugar. And it helped that a cute Korean guy  AND a cute American guy was in it. -goes out and rents Into the Wild-. Christina Ricci...was different. Courtney and I were like "Dude what a flipping hoe" at the part where she was like "ehhh~remind me". Anyway I love her though. She's too cute. -goes out and rents Caspar, Sleepy Hollow, and Now + Then-
Anyway it was an swell movie, filled with emotions (ya i teared up. Deal with it), twists, and great,great,great action.

On to Kendama.
HOLY MOTHER CHRIST! That musical was so ....filled with Cheetah and Eiki!!!!! Cheetah= My fav person in the world currently (Just look at last blog) and Eiki= Quite possibly my favorite person in Burimyu and Tenimyu. Shyah. I basically died. Kristen probably freaking hates me because I couldn't stop talking and giggling >.< But seriously go watch it. Shin is so adorable...and ALIVE! I WANNA BE A DOCTAH! NO MUCHIC NO LIFE! USU! <--Cheetah is kawaii there. And he's hardcore in this musical. And Eiki is like the most adorable thing you've ever seen in this. This whole thing started with that video on youtube. Woweee

On to the personal life...I'm super dusty right now it sucks. I cleaned soo much today. Bleh.
and the best news ever: I got my DVD player's region code to work and now DeliGaku Vol. 3 is watchable and hooked up to my TV. I'm soo happy~~ ARIGAATO KISTEN-SAMA (<--misspronounced thank you)

Also...Who is stoked for Prince Caspian? I know I am. I'm trying to read it again, but there's no way I'm going to finish. :/ I'm so excited to see Ben Barnes as the latin lover PRINCE CASPIAN. Seriously. Narnia rules.

Picture for thought?




I already did this on myspace....but I'm adding stuff....mmkay?


I official deem Atae Shinjiro my new favorite person of the month Year. Period.

I just went through ALL of AAA's PV's/songs to see which ones he sung in. It was nice. He's too cute. I wish they let him sing more. All I've done for the past week is just listen to his solos in 'No End Summer', 'BET', 'Bokura no te', etc. I wish I knew where to find more pictures and info and fun stuff of this beautiful man.

He's retarded. I deem him retarded. Just watch him run. Or watch him "put his ketchup back on now". If I could, I would make a ton of gifs for him. 

Well....the name Cheetah. My BFF FO LIFE Kristen and I were watching Delicious Gakuin (She bought the box set ;D) and I couldn't figure what he reminded me of. I eventually got that it was an animal. We paused it for some reason and it was at the part when him and Nissy are being starved and are spliting the cracker. It suddenly came to me (an epiphany, if you will). When Kristen came back...from doing whatever she was doing. I said "He remind me of a Cheetah". So we call him Cheetah now. And then today I was on http://www.freewebs.com/aaaronlovesaaa/ and was reading about him (obviously) and read "Animal Equivilant: Cheetah". I literally laugh out loud (really loud in fact...O.O) and said "What the hell?!". It was awesome.

My favorite hobbies at the moment are watching him and ONLY him in ANY video he's in...I replay certain parts 100 times. I blush at the screen when i see pictures like this...

And squeee "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" at the screeen for 5 minutes at pictures like this.

He's like Amano Hironari (HUHHAAA I know his name now). Most of the time when I look at him, I laugh.

AND HIS FRICKIN BUTT HURTSS!!!!?!!? WHAT IS THAT!!?!? WHAT?!!? HE LOOKS STUPID WHEN HIS BUTT HURTS TOOOO. I wish he had a knife in his back. (Or a razor in his butt) <---Inside jokes. Don't be alarmed.
(And stupid meaning totally cute...not a bad stupid)

And need i say anything but this: KEN-FRICKING-DAMA. I NEED TO WATCH THIS. So if ANYONE knows where I can...PLEASE TELL ME. I WILL BOW DOWN TO YOU UNTIL THE DAY I DIE! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......ahem.

<--...stupid ^0^


<---...I wanna watch that now :/




















































In reality, I hate the bitch. -_-
(Not really...I just love him so much)

Yoshizawa Hitomi

 Yoshizawa Hitomi.



My ALLTIME favorite person everwell almost (Christian Bale!!!). Always and forever. She can do no wrong. No bad hair, clothes, anything. Shes soo cute and FAB and awesome. 

First post! Woohooo

Hello! Jordan here. Chances are...most of my posts here will contain pictures and stupid fangirling. :D So welcome.
Hmm....well I've been studying my Japanese a lot lately. Also the once in a while Chinese, Dutch, and German. XD

One of my favorite things: 
Entering forums where heated discussions are going on and many people get angry and there's tons of fighting and some of the writing has to be taken off.
But after a while, in the end, everyone is fine and admit they both have good points. Make-ups~~Ahhhhh
It's fun to read. (I'm such a lurker)
I always wish I was cool enough to be apart of these discussions, but sadly, I am not.

Another one of my favorite things: Summer
I love it. Just thinking about it....ahhh, makes me so happy. The warmth, the watermelons, the hotdogs. It's great. I'm one of those cold-all-the-time people so I love Summer. Not Spring; it's too chilly. Summer; juuuust right.