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I love Lord of the Rings.

"What?! Jordan's blogging about something I don't care about again?!?!"

I don't care. I love this whole thing and I'm just talking about it now because I feel the need to.
And please beware of really nerdy comments
I'm probably going to end up embarrassing myself. Oh well.

I finshed the series.
I love those books. Yes, it took me forever to read them and they really do get looong, but even with all that I'm really glad I did. The writing style kind of reminds me of C.S. Lewis (ONLY A LITTLE!) ... It's just more simple...but not really? I can't really explain, but I'll call it old-fashioned style writing...? Writing these days (at least from what I've read) isn't like that...however that is.
I can't imagine the kind of person J.R.R. Tolkien must've been to come up with this whole world. It's amazing and so detailed. The characters are really developed and their backgrounds too! 
All the endings for the members of the fellowship were really fitting. 
I loved the idea of Legolas and Gimli possibly going off to Undying Lands together. Their friendship is so great, coming from such different places.
I also liked Merry and Pippin being laid next to Aragorn and all of the other Kings of Gondor. It was great how they would ride around in their foreigner clothes and acted a little more proper, but were really just the same young, singing hobbits.
I LOVED how they were really tall for hobbits, mainly because of the ent drought they drank. ^-^
Which reminds me that the Ents are the coolest things ever. I mean they literally are THE oldest living things in Middle Earth. More than the elves. It makes me sad that they are the last ones though. I hope they find their Entwives! Ganbatte!
Merry and Pippin are best friends for life. I love them. They are my favorites...but not really. i could never choose a favorite...well maybe...ok i'll shut up.
You know who else I love? Gandalf. He's so wise and awesome. And yet he also has fear, but also hope. I want him to be my third grandpa.
It truly made me sad to think of the Shire with all of the houses and no trees and polluted air and such. Saruman sucks ass! It was really sad that the hobbits, who never did or hurt anyone had to cahnge like that. Well, I suppose it did them more good than bad...in some cases. 
It made me happy to see Sam go off through the Grey Havens at the end of his life to spend the rest of time with Frodo and Bilbo and Gandalf and all of the elves. He really deserved to be with the elves and Frodo for being so loyal and amazing.
 Dude Sam had like thirteen kids! WOOOOT
And also Eowyn and Faramir for the win! I love Faramir. He deserves a lot of good times! 
I secretly enjoy the battle scenes. i really do. All of the strategies and weapons and creatures and GUH! It's so cool!
And does Eomer not get any love? I mean I was kind of going for the incest because he seemed lonely, but then Faramir was like "But i lufff Eowyn" and i was like "okay bb you can have her." and then i was rooting for Eomer and Aragorn to do the gay thing because who need Arwen anyway? I mean she's like not even in the books like more than 2 pages all of the mentions of her put together.

And actually I still need to read the Silmarillion >.<

I still wish I would've read the books before the movies because I would've loved to see what my mind would've come up with.

It's so sad, but these movies make me cry everytime. Just the end of the third one...like literally the last 20 minutes or more or less.
If I watch it again it'll probably be worse because I know the the background of everything, what's really going on, and what the ending words really mean. 

I really, really recommend this series. It's really good. I understand though if you don't want to...they ARE really long, but they're still great. If no books from you AT LEAST watch the movies because they are AWESOME too. You would then be my best friend :D

Look who's a nerd and listened to the soundtracks while writing this. ^-^
Those soundtracks make me soo....emotional?
Which ALSO reminds me. i love classical music to death.
Classical music in general makes me emotional.

PS I love Billy Boyd...and Sean Astin...and Elijah Wood....and Dominic "McawesomeilovehiminlostbutWHYDIDHISCHARACTERHAVETODIEnoreasontowatchanymore" Monoghan....and Orlando Bloom ....and SIR Ian McKlellan...and everyone else, mmkay?

Some roflbottage

OH and this makes me LOL like none other. Kudos to whoever made this.

AND this lol watch it. it makes me rofl

Saruman: No one ever chooses me.
Gandalf: i promise I won't make fun of you if you pick me.
Theoden: it's okay I'm not playing either

More proof that Faramir is awesome and Boromir sucked....(I actually liked him though)

Remember when the guy that played Faramir was like "when we were riding the mechanical horses the told us to move like we were doing the deed ROFL"

all in all, at least their taking the hobbits to isengard.


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Aug. 6th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
Dude. We should dress up like Legolas and Gimli for Halloween. Then we can be gay.
I'd be Gimli because I'm short.
You'd be Legolas because you are HOT

We must have a LOTR marathon in my basement!
Aug. 6th, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
Dude. That'd be AWSUM
yeah and then all of our friends wouldn't like us anymore.

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