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My livejournal is so cooooooooool.
So I haven't posted here since my birthday last September.

My interests have shifted a bit. I will always have a place in my heart for asian culture. ALWAYS

I ridiculously love True Blood and baking muffins now.

And also choir and rave dancing ALL ALONE.

And reading books and theater.

Pretty exciting.

Happy birthday to WILL SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm 15 now! It's a really nice number.
For example:

  1. Now I'm only 3 years younger than Kumai...well i was before...but WHATEVER. Now if you do math with just our ages it 3 years. That goes for all the other ones.
  2. I'm the same age as ICHIGO. LOL FRICKIN LOLL.
  3. I'm only 5 years younger than Cheetah.
  4. I'm only one year younger than Nick Jonas.
  5. And a bunch of other crap
Also I got my braces off 2 days ago!!!! YAY I LOVE IT!!!

Today was really good! Thanks to me friends and family. I love them.

Kristen: that card is fucking awesome. aishiteru~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, my mom MADE me get out of school today to "try and beat the crowds" to take my Learner's Permit test. Turns out there was hardly any people there. Whatever I don't even care. XD I missed two. 23/25 which means I PASSED!!! YAY YOKU DEKIMASHITA!~ The ladies at the counter things were really grumpy though! I was like SHUT UP! Anyway. SO now I have an ID and I can legally drive~! AYYAYAY!
So when we reached the gas station across the street from HyVee, my mom let me drive. I was SOOOOOOO nervous. I didn't want to because I was going to crash, but I wanted to because driving is FUN! My mom said I'd be fine...so I listened to her. LOL.
I did okay I guess. We went home to pee LOL and then we went around the neighborhood and IT WAS AWESOOOOME!!!
Oh and also my cousin Maggie called me! YAY!
At 6:00 My mom, Steve, logan, Kristen and I headed downtown to the japanese restaurant Wasabi. YEEEEEEEA! LOL there was a guy there that loooked like a younger version of Abe Lincoln. It WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The food was good. Lots of sushi YUMYUM. Lol Logan got Baby Burgers. It wasn't the best place. I've had better. BUT OMG WE GOT TEMPURA CHEESECAKE. IT WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! I died. Yeah Life is good. We were there for A REALLY LONG TIME THOUGH!!!!! Gracu-chan didn't come. I was sad.
Anyway fun times. I don't feel like typing anymore

Proceed to fangirlin


Your mom is really nice.Collapse )
go here PLIS

LOL WTF They spelled Nebraska wrong too...I assume their talking about our NE too..but whatever
OH and BTW K-chan the girl in the hat is the one thats gonna be in a drama with Nakamura Aoi...like you care anyway, but yeh.

It sounded amazing!!! With spotlight not only on Misako the betch.
OMG Hidaka's hair is weird, but cute.

BUT LOL Drama thing Look who looks retard. Shuta is cute though.

OMG TOMA AS DANNY ZUKO IN GREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG FUJIMOTO MIKI AS RIZOOO!!!!!! I FUCKING love it. (Miki=Girl in purple)

Proof of Miki's awesomeness
Her eatin Yoshizawa Hitomi's brains

oh and the thing I lol at everytime i see it
I'm so ashamed. I bet I'm the only one amused by it ever.

Cryptic Lo approves.

OH and some lyrics for thought.

What does "Love Cream and  my Pudding" mean to you?

*eyebrow raise*

"Aisuuu kuriiimu to myyy purrin"




Good Old Nebraska

On Friday Jacob, Kristen, and I watched the subbed version of the 4th episode of DD-boys and were inspired to eat a shitload of food...so we went to Valentino's Buffet. XD
It was a really great experience.
After we went to Holmes lake and took scene picz.
That was fun. Ahhh good times

We're the coolest people in Valentino's Buffet. Shh
^ LOL GET IT? GET IT? I bet Court/Lana does

Today I went to the state fair with my mom and Steve. 
Basically our mission from the start was for Steve to get a hunting permit and to eat a buttload of fried foods on a stick.
Oh Nebraska...How I love you and your stereotypical State Fair.
But really I love this state.
OMG we saw these REALLY big horses. They were bigger than Steve! 
And then there were some tiny ones!! SOOO CUTE
and there were Llamas which was awesome.
We also watch a Cat Show.
It was interesting XD
I ate so much today.
Now you all with know how fat I am.

Tagged by Courtney

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people back.
4. No tag-backs!

1. I'm not that interesting at all so it takes me hours to do stuff like this
2. I have a really bad memory. I don't anyone really understands the extent of how bad it is. And i feel really stupid when I have to ask what/when an inside joke is from,
3.  I have no talent . I gave up my one talent, gymnastics, just to hang out with my friends after school, which in the end I ended up not even doing: AT ALL. I don't think I regret anything more.
4. I almost always think of how whatever I'm doing with friends or anything would look like in a movie; the kind of camera filter, music, and ALL.
5. I wish there was a robot or something that I could talk to...and would actually listen. I find myself just talking to myself about stuff that no one cares about.
6. I REALLY like school. I REALLY DO!!!
7. I used to make up excuses to NOT hang out with people just so I could play the Sims 2.
8. I'm already anticipating Thanksgiving. And ONLY for the food. That is the ONE and ONLY reason.

I don't know 8 people to tag >.<
So do it if you like
OH and this made me LAUGH OUT LOUD


Anata wa doushite Romeo na no??

LOL at me finally figuring out how to do the LJ cut

I love Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise.
How can you you NOT love something with "Ikemen Paradise" in it?

And also school.

And also what I'd say to my boiz if I met them.


Naite mo idesuka?? YADAA!

Stole from Kristi_desu LOL, whom I am not as cool as haha. And is more really sweet. More than me :P

10 Things Currently On My Desk
1. Naked Kristen
2. Harry Potter game
3. Dr Pepper can
4. Charlie's Angels
5. Japanese dictionary
6. fuze bottle
7. Driver's booklet
8. Recipe for Cream Puffs >.>
9. Peach lotion
10. lots of papers that i wrote my favorite parts of my day on it.

9 Favourite Ships (In no order)
1. Zukkaki
2. Yuunagi (married platonically. strictly platonic)
3. TheLezNakagawa
4.  AIBAxAIBA <---Screw it. That's my NUMBER 1
5. Cheetah and his girlfriend with the phat lips, Nishi
6.  Zukkaji
8. TutiXNagayan (platonically..again)
9. everyone in Nachural together

8 Current Favourite Songs
1. Music!!! - AAA
2.  Number One- Bleach Ending LOL
3. Kimi no te- NotsoPureBoys
4. Crying Freeman - Atae Shinjiro
6. Sorezore no Omoi. BOTH VERSIONS!
7. Ikenai Taiyo- Orange Range
8. Balloons- Dong Bang Shin Ki LOLLLL

7 People You Talk To The Most
1. Mom
2. Kristen
3. Courtney
4. Lanal
5. My cats, Cooper
6. and Tito
7. Toma

6 Types of Candy
1. Reeces
2. Cheesecake isn't candy but I LOVE IT
3. Almond Joys
5. Dum-dums

5 Musicians/Bands
1. AAA
2. Berry Koubou LOL
3. PureBoys
4. Morning Musume
5. Manpei Takagi LOL

4 Websites I Visit Daily
1. AAA official site
2. Myspace
3. Yahoo
4. Livejournal

3 Favourite Fictional Characters
1. Ichigo. My favorite
2. Nakatsu
3. Kaji's Belly
<--His belly

2 Favourite Sayings
1. I hate my life and want to die.
2. Ore wa homo ja nai?

Favourite Movie
Lady Vengeance

Fluffy poodle

watch the movie Koizora

onnn-na suki. o-re wa onnn-na suki. homo ja nai. homo ja naaii~

ahem excuse me.
But yeah I don't care watch that movie.
Basically.... if you are  girl...you will like it. 
Its really cute and sad and awesome. 
Whenever I watch chick flicks...why do I always think "MY MOM WOULD LOVE THIS!!!"
its so stupid
I wanted to buy the DVD after just watching it last night...but it was like $40. I'm still contemplating.
That movie makes me sad. 

Oh and this....I LITERALLY laughed the whole way through this.
REALLY loud and REALLY obnoxiously
I'm really glad no one is home...I'm so ashamed of myself

WOW Shirota is gay.
and Toma is AWESOME
look at those shorts first of all.
"Sano, I'm glad for you. You've surrounded yourself with such retarded people."
WTF at "VIP" I told you he was gay.
Shirota is such a pimp
MY favorite is "Come here child"
OH WAIT Is Shirota going to kill himself? I hope so...ohpe he didn't...darn.
LOL at me thinking I saw Arayan but it was just a girl.

This was so poinless....Im sorry


Yeah sorry about that

I hate the lez. 

And I should've taken photo journalism with Nakagawa LOL
But otherwise, I'm really happy with my classes for school.
I mean I'm in japanese class with Kristen, Courtle, AND LANA
And I also have a class with Logan. The first time since like..2nd grade.

and I cannot stress how tiny Shin's hands are.

Dude. Seriously. They are like smaller than that kids.


I love Lord of the Rings.

"What?! Jordan's blogging about something I don't care about again?!?!"

I don't care. I love this whole thing and I'm just talking about it now because I feel the need to.
And please beware of really nerdy comments
I'm probably going to end up embarrassing myself. Oh well.

I finshed the series.
I love those books. Yes, it took me forever to read them and they really do get looong, but even with all that I'm really glad I did. The writing style kind of reminds me of C.S. Lewis (ONLY A LITTLE!) ... It's just more simple...but not really? I can't really explain, but I'll call it old-fashioned style writing...? Writing these days (at least from what I've read) isn't like that...however that is.
I can't imagine the kind of person J.R.R. Tolkien must've been to come up with this whole world. It's amazing and so detailed. The characters are really developed and their backgrounds too! 
All the endings for the members of the fellowship were really fitting. 
I loved the idea of Legolas and Gimli possibly going off to Undying Lands together. Their friendship is so great, coming from such different places.
I also liked Merry and Pippin being laid next to Aragorn and all of the other Kings of Gondor. It was great how they would ride around in their foreigner clothes and acted a little more proper, but were really just the same young, singing hobbits.
I LOVED how they were really tall for hobbits, mainly because of the ent drought they drank. ^-^
Which reminds me that the Ents are the coolest things ever. I mean they literally are THE oldest living things in Middle Earth. More than the elves. It makes me sad that they are the last ones though. I hope they find their Entwives! Ganbatte!
Merry and Pippin are best friends for life. I love them. They are my favorites...but not really. i could never choose a favorite...well maybe...ok i'll shut up.
You know who else I love? Gandalf. He's so wise and awesome. And yet he also has fear, but also hope. I want him to be my third grandpa.
It truly made me sad to think of the Shire with all of the houses and no trees and polluted air and such. Saruman sucks ass! It was really sad that the hobbits, who never did or hurt anyone had to cahnge like that. Well, I suppose it did them more good than bad...in some cases. 
It made me happy to see Sam go off through the Grey Havens at the end of his life to spend the rest of time with Frodo and Bilbo and Gandalf and all of the elves. He really deserved to be with the elves and Frodo for being so loyal and amazing.
 Dude Sam had like thirteen kids! WOOOOT
And also Eowyn and Faramir for the win! I love Faramir. He deserves a lot of good times! 
I secretly enjoy the battle scenes. i really do. All of the strategies and weapons and creatures and GUH! It's so cool!
And does Eomer not get any love? I mean I was kind of going for the incest because he seemed lonely, but then Faramir was like "But i lufff Eowyn" and i was like "okay bb you can have her." and then i was rooting for Eomer and Aragorn to do the gay thing because who need Arwen anyway? I mean she's like not even in the books like more than 2 pages all of the mentions of her put together.

And actually I still need to read the Silmarillion >.<

I still wish I would've read the books before the movies because I would've loved to see what my mind would've come up with.

It's so sad, but these movies make me cry everytime. Just the end of the third one...like literally the last 20 minutes or more or less.
If I watch it again it'll probably be worse because I know the the background of everything, what's really going on, and what the ending words really mean. 

I really, really recommend this series. It's really good. I understand though if you don't want to...they ARE really long, but they're still great. If no books from you AT LEAST watch the movies because they are AWESOME too. You would then be my best friend :D

Look who's a nerd and listened to the soundtracks while writing this. ^-^
Those soundtracks make me soo....emotional?
Which ALSO reminds me. i love classical music to death.
Classical music in general makes me emotional.

PS I love Billy Boyd...and Sean Astin...and Elijah Wood....and Dominic "McawesomeilovehiminlostbutWHYDIDHISCHARACTERHAVETODIEnoreasontowatchanymore" Monoghan....and Orlando Bloom ....and SIR Ian McKlellan...and everyone else, mmkay?

Some roflbottage

OH and this makes me LOL like none other. Kudos to whoever made this.

AND this lol watch it. it makes me rofl

Saruman: No one ever chooses me.
Gandalf: i promise I won't make fun of you if you pick me.
Theoden: it's okay I'm not playing either

More proof that Faramir is awesome and Boromir sucked....(I actually liked him though)

Remember when the guy that played Faramir was like "when we were riding the mechanical horses the told us to move like we were doing the deed ROFL"

all in all, at least their taking the hobbits to isengard.

Non fandom post?! Le gasp.

Guh. I'm so lazy lately. It's really tiring....how lazy I am. I said I would get in shape this summer. Didn't happen. *sigh*
I should stop using me traveling a ton as an excuse to not do anything while summer is still around.
Oh well. THATS LIFE!

Jeez. It's really stupid, but I'm super nervous for high school and for school to start. 
I don't think anyone really realizes how socially retarded I am. I am really, REALLY bad. *facepalm*
Oh well. I'm sure I'm just worrying for no reason. I'm sure I'll be fine. But older people scare me. XD
I hope I get into classes with people that I like! *makes mental list*
I can't help but feel like I'm not going to do enough though. Maybe I'll do polevaulting...evidently it's good for people with gymnastics background.
I can't wait to take Japanese though! It's going to be great! We will speak Japanese all the time and annoy people even more MUAHAHHAH!
And also I'll be able to understand what I listen to/watch all the time >.>

Oh my lordy. I went to the movie Wanted today with my mom, Steve, Kelsey, and Kristen. IT WAS AWESOME. It was so hardcore, it's not even funny. It was like Fight Club; I couldn't watch the parts where people were getting beat up. 
I loved the placement of the word "fuck" in every sentence. It was nice. XD I love James McAvoy. He's too cute. And Angelina Jolie still freaks me out. But I like her anyway? *shrug* And Morgan Freeman. I love his "freckles"
LOL at Che from The OC being there. It was great when he got hit in the face with the keyboard. Just great.


I also saw Mamma Mia this week with Logan, Alex and Nick. WOW. That was one insane movie. 
I bet everyone was high as a rocket while making it. All in all, I loved it. Don't tell anyone though.
I liked it a lot! I love Colin Firth and Meryl Streep is awesome.
It was really cheesy though. I would cringe a lot while watching it.
Logan had like a look of disgust on his face the whole time! haha
Alexandra and me were flipping out from laughter.
It was a really sweet movie. 
The whole time I was thinking; My mom would LOVE this!
The whole movie theater was filled with Mom aged people. XD

Ok I lied.
But has anyone seen AAA's new PV for the single Music!!? It's really cute ^-^. I liked the piano in it a lot. I love Hidaka. And Shuta. And Naoya. And everyone. 
But not Nishi. Ever since he was a girl in his photobook or whatever...guh
I will never forgive him.
[Yes I will. Don't worry.]
Shuta's part was cute! And he's just cute.
I liked Hidaka's rap. Haha and the dance they were doing at that part.
 Cheetah...ahh I love his voice! Do you see him in those overalls? Do you?!
Oh my god he's adorable. Look at his tiny hands, kudasai!
 And chiaki has lines!  She's really pretty!
*clap clap*

It's 3:02 AM and I'm in love.

Oh. My. God.
This movie is so good.
I went to the midnight showing with the BFF Logan.
Everyone else was like college students and such. >.< 
Lol at me being scared to go to the bathroom.
Seriously the action NEVER ends. 
The costumes are awesome. Harvey Dent and the Joker...jeez. Amazing
And Christian Bale...
He's a god
Spoilers in here *I will marry C-bale* <--- Highlight it, ne?
Spoiler talk at the end.
OHMEEEGEEED. Jesus. it really doesn't end. There's so many explosions and was covering my eyes half the time from the tension. You have no clue what's going to happen next. This movie is so rad. Yes, rad. I'm trying to look for other words than awesome, because its more than that. Seriously. You should see this. There are TOTALLY CRAZY car/semi/police car "battles" and so much guns and knives. Its a real nice family movie. (The song Lady Marmalade just came on >.< *facepalm*). I'm glad there's not much mob-ige in the mid-west...well maybe there is. O.O ....oh well. I won't lie, I really didn't understand all of the money and business talk. And whoever wrote the thing that Logan read about there being "too much action" is...dumb. There can NEVER be too much action. For heavens sake. Its a comic book movie. OMG REMEMBER WHEN SCARECROW WAS TEHRE??!?!?!?! AWESOME. AND Anthony Michael Hall? WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THAT?!??!?!
I forgot how to spell her last name and don't feel like looking it up SO BLEH. Anyway its a cool name. ANYWAY. She made a cool Rachel. I have to say. She was much cooler than Katie Holmes. She actually stood up and such. I liked her a lot more. Who cares about BBYsuri anyway? But yeah. I just love her.....i don't know what else to say
*DUUUUUUUUDE I love him. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY WHEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!!! Everyone was like "YEEEEEEEAH!" It was great. His character is so good. He really believed in Harvey and then Harvey went and threatened his family and such. SAAAAAAAAD!His poor family* This guy rules. 
Everyone knows that Alfred rules. Really. I love him. He's so wise and loves Bruce. Its great. AND LUCIUS IS AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEESOOOOOOOOOME. He should become a superhero. He's like "i dun wanna do this because i'm a good person, but i'll do it anyway."
Wow. Just wow. He is really brilliant. This just makes his death even more horrible and depressing. Such a talent lost. He is shear insane in this movie. *I mean he wears a freaking nurses outfit XD WHICH HE LOOKS AWESOME IN* He really brings out the Joker character out in a really scary way. I mean I will probably have nightmares about him. He really took the character to the limit, which is awesome. He definately made the Joker his own. I mean Jack Nickolson was more comedy and AWESSSSSSSSOMMMMMMMMMMME. I love his Joker. But Heath's is very creepy and even more ruthless. And also to add to that, he made his brutal deeds funny, in a messed up way. I wish he had more pronounced green hair though. XD I love how is makeup wasnt complete and he was really disheveled. This was a really great role for him. His character shows that even one person can put a whole city in chaos.
Notice my userpic ^-^ He's too cute. Well. Where to start. He is such a great batman. Who cares if his voice is kinda silly when he is batman. (RAAAAAAAAAACHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He is too awesome and hot. I loved the part where he like hid Harvey. He's such a great person. He's so cute and loves Rachel. I just pretend I'm her, yo. I love how only Alfred and Lucius know about him. I loved how he realizes he can't be the hero and just does what the people want him to do. I also love how Batmans plans don't always go right and he has to choose the path. I love how Christian portrays him. He makes him seem vulnerable and like a normal person. Its so funny to watch him being the filthy rich and a bit annoying 'Bruce' that people expect him to be. I also love the part where he was truthfully (?) praising Harvey. He was just cute. I said "I LOVE HIM" or "I'M GOING TO MARRY HIM" a billion times. *HOLY LORD. DID you SEE him OOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN the Joker when he slammed his head on the table in the interogation room? jeez that was awesome. And did you see him run his car in front of the guy in the truck that was trying to kill the guy that Joker said to be killed in 60 minutes and whatever? Yeah He's hardcore* Christian is so buff and good looking and GREAT-O! I really do love him. 
Movies you should watch with him in it: Batman Begins, Little Women, The Prestige, American Psycho, Empire of the Sun, Newsies, Pocahontas (lol He played Thomas. Remember? The one that was friends with John Smith with the hat?), Howl's Moving Castle (HOWL BITCH), 3:10 to Yuma, and all the rest.
<---Look he's wittle! 
GUH! This movie is so great. The directing is really good and the visuals are astonishing! All the explosions and EVERYTHING! This movie really makes you think about morals and such. It makes you ask questions which is really good.

(warning spaztic)
OH MY GOD. I still don't even understand who Rachel loved really. AND OMG I CAN"T BELIEVE SHE DIED. I couldn't believe it. It was just a shock. I mean the whole time I was like "They brought back Gordon, there's no way they won't bring her back" Poor Bruce. He had to choose! I didn't really understand the whole situation with Ramirez though? AND OMG OGMOGMOGMGO DID YOU SEEE THE JOKER TOTALL own (Yes own. There's no other word for it because it was shear ownage) THAT ONE BLACK GUY WITH THE PENCIL. Oh. My. God. That was awesome. Everyone in the theater was like "OOOOOOOOOOOH!" AND OMG that part where the 'batman' hit the window. I died of a heartattack. And OOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYY GOD. DID YOU SEE BATMAN OWN THE JOKER IN THE SEMI? He flipped it right over and did that cool turn thing with his motorcycle!!!!! GOD i love it. And that whole scene in that...tunnel thing with the police thing that was holding Harvey and the semi and the batmobile. SOOOO AWESOME.
Wow. Would you call this spoilers? HE LOOKED SO AWESOME AND FAKE!! I mean it looked real, but come on. You couldn't just walk around and live with your bones showing and such. It just couldn't happen. But really. I really liked this character and how Gary Oldman explained how he was really good and how the Joker wanted them to loose hope and blah. It was great. I can't believe he just died though. MOW. I wanted sequel. BUT OMG lol i went through all the possible villains for a sequel: the Riddler, Ice-man, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, Catwoman, ECT.


In other words, please see this movie and support C-bale and everyone! It's really awesome and makes your heart beat sooo fast. BUT IN A REALLY GOOD WAY!